Social area, Coeo Pod Hostel | Dani Vottero, hostels photographer in Malaga
Coeo Pod Hostel, Malaga | Dani Vottero, hotels photographer in Spain
Bar | Coeo Pod Hostel, Malaga | Dani Vottero, hospitality photography
Vibes | COEO Pod Hostel Malaga | Dani Vottero
Interior of a pod | Coeo Hostel Malaga | Dani Vottero, photograher
Corridor, Coeo Pod Hostel Malaga | Hospitality Photography | Dani Vottero
Reception | Coeo Pod Hostel, Malaga | Dani Vottero, hotels photographer
Boat-Haut, Classic Boat | Dani Vottero, hotels photographer in Andalusia
Bathroom and Pod | Coeo Pod Hostel | Dani Vottero, photographer in Malaga
Dani Vottero, hospitality photography in Malaga | Spain
Photography and Video for Hotels, Dani Vottero | Boat-Haus Flotel
Corridor | Coeo Pod Hostel | Dani Vottero, hotel photography in Malaga
Social Area, Coeo Pod Hostel Malaga | Dani Vottero, hotel photographer
Boat- Haus Classic | Floating Hotel in Gibraltar | Dani Vottero
Hostels and Hotels photographer in Spain | Dani Vottero
Dani Vottero | Fotografía para Hostales en Málaga


Professional photography and video services tailored for hostels in Málaga, Costa del Sol, and any national and international destinations. Having high-quality images becomes an essential factor to boost bookings, reach new audiences, and foster customer loyalty.

As a photographer specializing in Hostels, Hotels, Holiday Rentals, and Rural Hotels, I offer meticulously crafted images to capture both the spaces of your establishment and the unique experience your guests will have. This visual content not only aligns with specialized reservation platforms but also integrates seamlessly with your hostel's marketing and branding strategy.

My services extend beyond simple photography, encompassing options such as specific styling for hostels, virtual tours, gastronomic photography, and videos, including aerial shots taken with drones.

My geographical availability is extensive, and I'm ready to collaborate with you, regardless of your hostel's location. Let me enhance the visual presence of your establishment and elevate its attractiveness in the Hospitality market.




Frigiliana / Andalucía


Malaga / Andalusia


Marina Alcaidesa / Gibraltar


Aimed at both professional and beginner photographers, the 1-to-1 MentorshipPortfolio Reviews and Digital Retouching classes are the perfect tools to learn exactly what you need to improve your photography technique and the management of your business.

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