Himalayan Trails

Himalayan Trails

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"Walking boot show us the start of the road. A metaphor for the voyage the spectator is about to begin, in parallel to the great adventure the protographer has lived...

... 'Himalayan Trails' is a coloristic project (it cannot be any other way) and aesthetic, as well as being a profound testimony of daily Nepal. In turn, this collection of images has become a record impossible to capture again since the recent earthquakes, which have isolated the country and have destroyed a great part of the architecture shown in the book."

(Pepo Alcalá - Photographer)


Price: 15€  (See a Preview)

Uno Editorial (ISBN: 9788416382552)     /     52 pages


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Part of the benefits will be donated to support projects to help the nepali people affected by the terrible events of these past months.








Himalayan Trails
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