The photoshoots for apartments and villas for sale are based on the description of the different spaces, while the Interior Design photography projects are planned as true showcases of the staging/decoration work carried out.

Each project is studied together with the client, so that the results are totally personalized and remain consistent with the feeling of the brand / company / agency itself.

What kind of photoshoots are offered?

Although the type of photoshoot depends on the requirements of each client, we can separate:

- Standard Real Estate Photoshoot.

- Technical Report (Architecture).

- Luxury Real Estate / Villas.

- Interior Design Photoshoot.

- Holiday Lettings Photoshoot.

How many photos are included?

It depends on each project and the client's needs.

In general, standard real estate photoshoots are based on a minimum of 20 images.

How long does it takes to do a photoshoot?

It depends on the type of property, its size, the number of photos and the final quality of the image you have requested.

Anyway, you have to calculate  minimum 1h / 1h30 on location. More complex reports can be done in one or more days.

What kind of retouch is applied?

All standard photoshoots for Real Estate and Holiday Lettings include advanced digital retouching that covers the following:

White Balance, Cleaning, Color Balance, Color Cleaning, Curves, Levels, Local Contrast, Output Settings.

The Interior Design, Luxury Real Estate, Villas and Architectural Photoshoots include a High-End Digital Retouch, which incorporates more advanced techniques.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the type of image quality requested, the rights of use, the number of images and the extent of the project.

In general, a standard photoshoot for Real Estate of a studio or 1-bedroom apartment costs about 150 EUR + VAT.

How long does it take to receive the photos?

Between 5 and 10 business days, from the day after the session is held, in the case of any standard holiday lettings photography assignment.

More complex photoshoots may take longer and the delivery time will be reviewed and informed according to each case.

In what format are the images delivered?

They are delivered in JPG format via digital download.

You will receive the photos with resolution and size optimized for web use, plus all the images at the highest quality.

If you wish, you can request any other format. The service must be requested before the post-production phase. Additional fees may be applied.

The images are mine and free of rights?

In general terms, when you request this kind of photoshoots, you acquire the following rights of use for an unlimited time and without geographical restrictions:

On-Line / Off-Line Advertising, Booking Agencies, Trade Display, Wall Display, Editorial and Social Media.

The photographer retains authorship and ownership of the images.

Third-Party Usage option is not included: if third parties that do not derive from the uses indicated above want to use the images independently and for their own purposes, they must request the corresponding license from the photographer.

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